I Blame Hillary For Why I Didn’t Get to Steal a Sanders 2016 Yard Sign


Bernie Sanders , I remember his announcement as I sat staring at the little congressional television in my office. “Oh did they just find some random guy so it looks like Hillary isn’t just given the nomination.”

Little did I know how a tidal wave of college students and trustifarians was about to make an impact in 2016.

I’ll admit, I was only excited for Bernie so I could steal a Sanders 2016 yard sign. (Sadly, they went with ‘Bernie’) I went to his rallies, took stickers to post all over my republican friends apartments.

College Republicans was a little dead my freshman year, so I went to a “Buffs for Bernie” debate watch party. After being treated as though I was a wild unicorn that stumbled into their presence. I began to learn why so many young people were so excited over someone who makes John McCain look 40.

Bernie came off as genuine, different from other politicians, a similar affect for the democrats, as what Trump had to the Republican Party.

Not expecting much from a probably completely baked group of college students. I was somehow surprised.

Just at our university a bunch of 20 year old college students were able to pull off what many political campaigns cannot: involvement.

They were able to hold a huge rally for Senator Sanders. They also held typical liberal fanfare that played well in Boulder such as a “March for Bernie.”

Beyond that, they were able to do volunteer training on a large scale with a mostly half drunk college campus, they held caucus trainings, and had a social media presence that I envied.

So what happened?
Why are they not #withher in the same way they #feltthebern?

Simple; many of these college students were not politically involved before hand, and were only excited over the change they felt Bernie brought.

The night I wiggled across enemy lines for a debate party many of the students told me they felt Republican economic policies make a lot of sense. Many even saying they would vote for Governor John Kasich if he were the Republican nominee.

Hillary is bland, disingenuous, and untrustworthy.

Trump is racist, scary, and ignorant.

So who is left?
Who have these disenfranchised college students been flocking too?

The Free Market and Small Government loving Gary Johnson.

This election has proved one thing, and one thing only.

Voters are sick of the politicians the so called “party elites” choose.

They just want someone they feel is genuine.
Bernie was seen as the kind old grandpa. The Donald’s outrageous rhetoric makes him seem like he’s only saying how he feels.
Both raged against the “establishment” machine winning votes and hearts.

Remember all those books we spent reading, all the talk shows we went on to discuss what was occurring, what voters “wanted.” How we felt the Republican Party could pull another nation wide sweep in the fall as long as we followed the 2012 autopsy.

Yeah. 2016: #lolnothingmatters


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