The Higher The Heels, The Harder The Fall

(Dress: LULUs, Necklace: Charming Charlies: Sold Out, Blazer:HM: Sold Out, Shoes: Jessica Simpson: Sold Out).

For most women we have outfits that give us a superficial strength, a battle armor.

For me it’s high heels paired with a well tailored dress and blazer.

Women use fashion as both an armor, and a canvass to showcase personality.

A well tailored outfit to wear as your battle armor to an important interview, event, or day will make all the difference.

Something as simple as an outfit can force me to sit straighter, talk with more authority and drop any lurking insecurities.

While men throw on a suit and will not think twice about their choice. Women think through who they will be seeing that day, who they could possibly see that day, and who they need to impress.

Your outfit is the first thing people will notice. Before you say anything, or present a resume, your style already states your mood, personality and professionalism.

There is a learning curve when it comes to fashion, sometimes when you’re a young college student or high school student you may try a more revealing or comfortable wardrobe.

While I do admit my choice power outfit is not the most reasonable attire for a normal day at the office, it is attire that will give me my camouflage. If I were having a rough day, knew I would run into an ex, or needed the confidence boost, this outfit will give me all of that.

Never brush off looking your best, you never know what life changing event could occur.

Shoes can change your life, they did for cinderella.



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